Building The Implicit Social Graph

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Google Plus is Google’s latest attempt at building an explicit social graph that they control, but Google has been building out an implicit social graph for quite some time …

This all changes with Google Plus. One of the limitations of building an implicit social graph is that you don’t have the data to test against to confirm the predictions and relationships that graph discovers. It still has to depend on the data made public, but is limited by relationships that are held private (aka Facebook). Google Plus, among other things, creates a massive set of explicit social graph data, which can be used for machine learning and accuracy checking.

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Java process maxing out CPU under VirtualBox

I got burnt by this one – all Java processes spin at 100 CPU on update 4.0.6 of VirtualBox.

A work-around is to go to Control Panel / System / Advanced / Environment Variables / System Variables and add a variable called “J2D_D3D” with the value “false”. This will supposedly disable Direct3D in Java.

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Not so useless after all: even “gene deserts” have oases

Not so useless after all: even “gene deserts” have oases

By Diana Gitig | Last updated February 10, 2011 7:15 AM

As researchers sequenced the genomes of mammals, they came across large regions that didn’t seem to contain any protein-coding genes. These “gene deserts” often stretched for thousands of DNA base pairs (called kilobases), and their discovery left researchers arguing about whether they served any function.

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