Java process maxing out CPU under VirtualBox

I got burnt by this one – all Java processes spin at 100 CPU on update 4.0.6 of VirtualBox.

A work-around is to go to Control Panel / System / Advanced / Environment Variables / System Variables and add a variable called “J2D_D3D” with the value “false”. This will supposedly disable Direct3D in Java.

via #8794 latest update breaks Java on XP guest – VirtualBox.


1 thought on “Java process maxing out CPU under VirtualBox

  1. Thank you!!

    This issue *still* persists (and is actually worse, if that is even possible) with the latest and greatest of everything (Vbox 4.0.8 and JRE Version 6 Update 25).

    How they manage to introduce yet more regressions into a supposedly regression-fixing bugfix update I have no idea.

    I could not even *launch* the Java control-panel applet before I found this fix!

    The other alternative would be to remove DirectX (in Safe Mode) from Vbox Guest Additions, which I don’t like.

    VBox Host: Windows 7 x64 SP1
    VBox Guest: Windows XP x86 SP3

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