LinkedIn didn’t use to have courses and there is still room for improvement so here is an alternative presentation:

MM/YY Provider Course
07/10 Learning Tree International 966: Internet Information Services 7 for Windows Server 2008: Hands On
07/09 Agility International Certified ScrumMaster
07/09 Rank Interactive Insights Discovery
06/08 Integra Training Managers Workshop (including MBTI Myers Briggs)
01/08 Sun Training Sun Cluster 3.2 Administration
11/07 Sun Training GB-SA-327-S10: Dynamic Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting With DTrace
07/07 IBM Informix Enterprise Replication
11/01 Sun Training SunFire (F15K) StarCat Administration
03/98 (Legato) Qualix Qualix (FullTime) HA+ & DataStar
01/98 CSC (TACK) Customer Care
11/97 Sun Training Volume Manager (Veritas)
07/97 Sun Training Solstice Backup (Legato)
01/97 (Rational) PureAtria ClearCase Administration
07/92 Black Mountain Leadership
06/92 Spearhead Presentation Skills
09/91 (Zumtobel) Thorn Lighting Ltd Business Simulation
08/91 (Zumtobel) Thorn Lighting Ltd. Team Effectiveness & Development

By Simon Major


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